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Your Medical Billing Solution

Practice Medicine, Not Billing

We Are Billing Professionals

  • Pacific-PM’s Billing Team has collected $400 MILLION of medical claims!

  • We complete 98% of insurance claims within 38 days. 

  • Our billing clients experience an average 17% improved cash flow! 

  • We specialize in all types of payers (PPO, HMO, Medicare, Workers Comp, etc.)

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Pacific-PM is passionate about helping healthcare providers. We specialize in uncovering hidden cash flow in small to midsize medical practices. Since medical billing is our specialty, claims get processed more efficiently for maximum reimbursements which allows you to focus on treating your patients.  Pacific-PM utilizes proven techniques to maximize revenue including optimizing claims processing, aged-receivable analysis, coding review, renegotiating payer contracts, etc.

On average, our billing clients experience 17% improved cash flow!

On average, our billing clients experience 17% improved cash flow!


  • Cloud-based, fully transparent Medical Billing Services

    • You can access the billing system 24/7 to see the progress of your claim’s processing or generate reports

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • State of the Art Security

    • Multi-Layer Password Security – Can be customized

    • Auto Logoff After Set Amount of Time

    • Audit Trail Analysis

  • Easy Document Scanning and Access

  • Extensive Reporting Functionality

  • Billing software can interface with your current PM software

  • Ability to Accept Credit Cards

  • Ability to handle POS sales and inventory tracking

Pacific-PM Medical Practice Management

Billing Services Include:

  • Recovery Analysis

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Process Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Insurance Claims

  • Follow Up with Insurance (Primary / Secondary)

  • Post Payments to Insurance & Patient Accounts

  • Track Unpaid Claims & Send Letters of Medical Necessity when Necessary

  • Provide Notification to “Incomplete Claims” that are Unable to be Processed as a Result or When Additional Information is Required by the Insurance Carrier to Adjudicate Claims.

  • Follow up on Patient Payments & Generate Patient Statements

  • Receive Monthly & Annual Financial Analysis & Review of Medical Codes

  • Process Workers Compensation

  • Comprehensive Detailed Reports that Include Colorful Analysis Charts, Graphics Tracking of Every Claim Status & Level of Productivity for Your Practice

  • Greatly Accelerate Payment Turnaround Times

Why Outsource?

You already use experts for your taxes, insurance, legal and investment needs. Shouldn't you use billing professionals for your most important need: claim processing? After all, that is what pays for everything else!

With the evolving medical landscape, medical billing has become increasingly time-consuming and very complicated. Outsourcing the billing process ensures a dedicated specialist is focused on the heavy lifting while the rest of the practice can focus on patient care. It also allows for less vulnerability and disruption in cash flow. Our team ensures your claims are processed accurately and quickly.


Advantages of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services with Pacific-PM include:

  • Frees providers of the burden of billing & collections - Allows you to focus on treating your patients and generating new business.

  • Frees providers of navigating complicated claims processes for each payer.

  • Reduces medical staff time to focus on patient care.

  • Eliminates costly & unproductive staff time for training, sick/vacation, turnover, etc.  

  • Eliminates uncomfortable provider/patient payment & collection discussions.  

  • Billing Fees based on collection results.


We are experts in billing all types of payers (PPO, HMO, Medicare, Workers Comp, etc.) and with processing all types of claims (Office, Hospital, ASC/outpatient facility, Telehealth, etc.). Moreover, we live and work in Santa Barbara & Ventura counties; thus, have a priceless rolodex of local payer contacts to get any potential payer/claim issue resolved quickly & efficiently.  

Pacific-PM Medical Practice Management
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